Our Story:

Good Girl Dog Biscuits is a small business in Austin, Texas that delivers fresh, homemade dog treats to your door. While other store-bought treats are packed with artificial preservatives, ours are made of only the best ingredients, no chemicals, because we know that your dog is your best friend, and why give your best friend chemicals? 

Hi, I'm Martha. My goal for this business is simple, provide fresh dog treats, with no artificial preservatives, to dogs in my neighborhood and city. I've had a love for dogs for as long as I can remember and I believe that they should be able to have fresh food just like ours. I hope you enjoy the experience and your dog enjoys their treats! 

This is Tess! She has been a very compliant test taster. (or Tess taster as we like to call her) She has gobbled up every treat that has been tossed her way, and even a few she snatched off the table. She loves chasing squirrels, barking at strangers, and going on walks. She is the best dog.